About Famous AF

If your skin doesn't feel good, neither do you. A lifetime of skin issues, ranging from acne to melasma, led me down a path burdened with temporary solutions. Laser therapies, essential oils, topical creams – nothing really worked to give me a long-term solution that would make me feel confident about my skin.

Hi, I am Dr. Britten Cole, equipped with the knowledge gained from a medical degree and all the personal experience gained during my skin struggles, I set out to formulate products that actually work.

Enter Famous AF, a revolutionary skincare line that focuses on chemical exfoliation  and nourishing serums to give you that 'fresh-from-a-facial' look without prescriptions or medspa appointments. The carefully selected combination of exfoliating agents in Famous AF's peels is the most effective I have found in reclaiming our skin's natural beauty while the nutrient-rich serums aid in providing a lasting, healthy glow.

My mission is to empower everyone to love their skin.

We may not be famous, but we deserve to look like we are.